• Denise Howard

Trees for Heroes!

Trees for Heroes !

So yesterday while out bidding we were in Collinsville, IL. Pulled into driveway for appt. I always check the scenery see if I can guess what needs done before knocking but as I walk up to the door. I seen a set of Disabled Veteran plates.

Sweet older lady comes to the door and walks the yard with me shows me he worries with the trees. I tell her my opinion and then we speak for a minute and she tells me about her veteran husband's disability which keeps her very busy.

So I asked her what she could afford to pay for the tree work. Unbeknownst to her today was gonna be a great day for her and her husband at least so far as our little company could do. She hemhawed around a bit and said how about 2 grand. Which was probably an appropriate bid. I told her pshhh. We will be doing it for half of what she said.

Tears started welling up in her eyes and she was so thankful. Little does she know we are the ones that should be thankful for her husband and every veteran out there. I said good bye and told her to go in and take care of her husband.


I love doing this program and no lie. I hope we will forever be able to do this.

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